Extended Kernel for Windows Vista: FAQ

What is the Windows Vista Extended Kernel?

A package of updated system files (mostly dynamic link libraries, or DLLs) that allows you to run modern applications normally restricted to Windows 7 and above.

Where can I get it?

On the downloads page.

How do I install it?

Unzip the 7z archive after downloading and run the .cmd-based installer script with administrative privileges.

What does it allow me to do?

As of writing, the extended kernel enables users to run many new applications, such as x64 Electron apps like Visual Studio Code, Firefox version 88 and the 2020-12 Eclipse IDEs.

Why aren't newer 32-bit applications working?

Special measures are needed to get 32-bit kernel extensions working on a 64-bit version of Windows.

How do I contact win32?

E-mail win32 at win32alt@inbox.lv, or send a Discord message to @win32#7457.

Who made the website?

A Vista user known as "freedom" created this website.